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This web-site is dedicated to people interested in the research program known as " course-of-action " (with its three fundamental theoretical hypotheses, enaction, preflective consciousness and activity-sign, its observatory end its studio), either to take part in it, or to draw a part of their inspiration from it, or to contest it. It presents a selection of texts, past or current, not easy to find, written by myself, Jacques Theureau, alone or among other authors, and my list of publications regularly updated.

Jacques Theureau

Last publications

Poizat G., Durand M., Theureau J. (2016) The challenges of activity analysis for training objectives, Le Travail Humain, O9/2016, Vol. 79, 3, 233-258.

Last texts placed on this site

{2016-JT-C143*} Theureau J. (2016) Contribution d'Alain Wisner aux recherches sur les cours d'action et discussions d'orientation scientifique et technique en attente de conclusion, conférence invitée in Colloque Alain Wisner, 24-25 Novembre, Paris.

{2017-JT-M5} Theureau J. (2017) L'économie politique du rentier à l'actionnaire — Dossier complémentaire à Le cours d'action : Économie & Activités (2018).


This web-site has no ambition in matter of reflection about historical evolution of notions and methods or thematical grouping. It presents only texts according to document types. The history and themes have to be reconstructed by the reader with the help of some of the texts presented and of the short notices of presentation.

The texts present today on this web site are indicated in bold characters in the publications list.

The categories of these texts are :

- 02 - Communications C ;

- 03 - Text Books

- 04 - Books & extracts from books O ;

- 05 - Articles in Reviews R ;

- 06 - English (Communications & Books & extracts from books coded C & O in English ;

- 07 - Debates & Published Interviews (Communications & Articles in Reviews coded C & R) ;

- 08 - Unpublished Texts T ;

- 09 - Programmatic & institutionnal texts P ;

- 10 - Texts for this siteM (the texts coded S, H, PH and NEMR are placed in categories 11, 12, 13 and 15).

Other categories, some of them still in progress, cover texts partly different from the texts covered by other categories :

- 11 - Thematic selection S;

- 12 - History of the research program H;

- 13 - Prehistory of the research program PH;

- 14 - Pinsky (1992) ;

- 15 - Additions, modifications & developments to the two books "Le cours d'action : Méthode réfléchie" and "Le cours d'action: L'Etre & l'Expérience" (coded NEMR).

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